Repetition or familiarity is comfort

I do think when it comes to doing something new even in familiar franchises, it’s safe to say that’s often too risky to be well-received by others. Whether if it’s changing a character’s ethnicity (supposing if Tim Drake’s actually of Scottish and Native American descent), personality (Stephanie’s often irritated by Tim’s laziness and womanising) or whatever some fans may not like it if it happens at all.

Actually even without changing the character’s ethnicity, it’s still a big risk to do something actually new and different to familiar characters. Even if that makes stories much less repetitive in this regard, should writers ever bother altering familiar characters there’s bound to be backlash. Bother turning Stephanie into an angry Goth who beats up Tim for screwing up, that’s going to weird fans out.

Or if Tim Drake’s actually of Native American descent.

She doesn’t look Jewish

When it comes to Judaism or probably any other religion and ethnicity there’s a tendency towards preconceptions that can make it harder to be this open. It’s like assuming all Jewish to be bankers and lawyers when it doesn’t leave room for what’s also possible: gangsters, rockers (especially somebody like David Lee Roth and Joey Ramone), artists and models (most notably Bar Rafaeli and Gal Gadot).

Or even athletes (though I could say similar things about Asian men right down to me talking about Balinese gigolos and Chinese men siring kids in Uganda). That still involves both a wider range of references and experiences and more openness to what they can be. It’s like if DC’s Stephanie Brown and her mum are Jewish, if it sounds odd for Jews to be blond they’re not alone.

I won’t be surprised if somebody else knew this. There’s a study stating that at least some Jews have blond hair (or something, whether if it include dark blond/light brown hair at that). I could go on saying that Scarlett Johansson’s a good example of this. It wouldn’t matter if she seems Scandinavian but if Jewishness’s passed down matrilineally if her mother’s Jewish then she’s Jewish too.

Though I could say similar things about Lisa Boney in this regard. Also if Stephanie’s a Jewish goth punk, she’s also in good company. The musician Perry Farrell’s Jewish and was in a Goth band before. Tara Strong’s all three things in a way as she’s a blonde Jew playing Goth characters. I could also say it’s actually not strange for Goths to be blonde either.

Whether dyed or not, it’s still possible. There are Goths who dye their hair platinum blond and some are naturally blond themselves (again if it includes light brown hair at all). The late Cinamon Hadley (who inspired Sandman’s Death) was stated to have blonde hair herself. But that still involves a wider range of references, interests and experience as well as openness.

Especially to what such people could be that it’s not a stretch to imagine that Stephanie Brown could be those things (but it could lead to fleshing her out more).

Actions have consequences

To give you the idea of how and why bad actions have consequences, I’ll provide you examples.

Ex 1: Stephanie Brown beats up Tim Drake for cheating on her with other girls and lazing around. (His own aunt, Black Canary, is frequently frustrated with his tardiness.)

Ex 2: Caitlin Snow gets kicked out of the Justice League for killing almost everybody in wolf form.

Worse than racebending

I still think changing a character’s powers drastically may be worse than changing their race in that whilst it’s possible to keep much of the character’s mannerisms and personality when racebent (this helps if you have a wider range of references from having a lot of experiences with those people), if you change the character’s powers you change their core identity.

Especially if it’s based on said powerset. It’s as if you turn the ice-character Caitlin Snow into a bonafide shapeshifter (which’s likely to happen), you turn her into somebody else. (That actually makes giving Captain Cold actual ice powers not much of a stretch and that’s something he’d logically grow into.) But that involves epiphany.

If this is true, then that’s something writers may have to consider especially if changing the characters’ abilities can be more drastic than changing their ethnicity.

You don’t mess up in a relationship

Especially when it comes to lust, that’s when one has to control it. Supposing if Tim Drake’s caught dead flirting with other girls, that should enrage Stephanie a lot. Similarly enough, if Caitlin Snow’s caught dead raping people and her boyfriend that’s not going end well either. So this is one of those situations where one has to control themselves.

I actually honestly consider lust worse than anger in that anger can be constructive but lust seldom is. As if Caitlin’s actress is caught dead possessing child porn that would strain a relationship. That still proves my point that lust is way worse than anger in this regard. If you want to be in a committed relationship, don’t hoard porn or flirt with others.

Rao help if Caitlin’s actress admitted to masturbating to animal porn that resulted in divorce that still proves my point.

Nobody really wanted that

I have a feeling before that if writers were committed to giving Kitty Pryde retractile claws for good, it’s not just that she’d be more like Wolverine but also perhaps much more feline than originally intended. At any rate, she’d actually become the X-Men version of Catwoman when you think about. It’s as if Wolverine were once considered to be equivalent to Batman, Kitty would be Catwoman.

Her name’s obviously catlike. Cats go through spaces and so does she. Ironically, cats actually have retractile claws whereas actual wolverines really don’t. Heck perhaps out of all the better known mutants, She ought to be the equivalent to Catwoman. Storm was going to be one at some point but that didn’t define her once she started appearing. Feral might count but she’s not famous.

Tigra at some point was going to be like a heroic Catwoman (and perhaps they should’ve stuck at that or keep the usual presentation but made more feline/bestial and consistently so). Not that she’s a bad character. But I suspect committing to an idea consistently involves going where it should go and become.

Not only with the character design (somebody else had a good point about giving Tigra paws and fur) but also things like Tigra taking her son to hunting trips and exterminating pests (some mothers do this). Or stories where Kitty sneaks on prey. Again that would involve any real commitment to the concept.

But it seems nobody are interested in those things, even if it does make sense.

It’s not always appealing

I sometimes think when it comes to taking characters and stories to the most logical conclusion or development, it’s something writers can neither accept nor commit to for a long period of time. It’s like the thing with making Kitty Pryde any more feline, especially when she starts sporting retractile claws that it’s only natural any cat would have it. The same can’t be said of mustelids.

But then again if writers were to commit to making her actually more feline, she’d actually risk making not only X23 but also Feral redundant. (The latter’s a feline mutant.) Even though ironically this fits her the most. But that would involve not only any real commitment to the idea but also actually make her a proper female counterpart to Wolverine without even trying.

After all, she’s trained by him the longest so it should be natural that she’d emulate him whether unconsciously or not. But the logical conclusion isn’t something people commit to nor enjoy, even if it makes the most practical sense. It’s not that Kitty should be exactly like Wolverine. But giving her retractile claws would make her a lot more feline.

Perhaps the X-Men’s answer to Catwoman in this regard. (Maybe perhaps consciously nobody wants her to be a furry, even if some stories hint at this.)