Other than revenge and grief

When it comes to depicting the consequences of evil, the usual responses are either revenge or grief which are both understandable in their given circumstances and contexts where I do recall the story about a dog that got beaten up by people and came to haunt them.

Now as for stories where dogs do get killed to anger people, there ought to be stories about people saving more dogs from further harm and/or dogs surviving and being traumatised by it, but to show more consideration and perhaps any real hope and kindness in such a dark world.

(Just like in real life, there are people who care for abused animals.)

For another matter, it’s if the character’s girlfriend got killed but rather than grief and revenge the character volunteers to save more people from being killed this way. That partly deconstructs some of the problems with women in refrigerators: no regard for the victim, no alternative to revenge and grief.

If it’s true, then there are still other ways of depicting consequences where the character needn’t to be vindictive to be badly affected by somebody killing their pet or friend.


Panels 1-5: Philip takes a man with him to church.

Panels 6-10: They listen to a sermon.

Priest: Love your enemies as you love yourself and your neighbour. [Next panel] When he’s thirsty, give him water to drink. [Next panel] Be kind to one another, turn the other cheek. [Next panel] Turn the other cheek, love’s not a feeling. [Next panel] When your enemy dies, mourn him.

Panels 11-14: They went home to drink at a party.

Suffering in life

Panels 1-6: The pastor’s riding on a wheelchair, his foot’s large and preparing to be amputated and then he delivers.

Pastor: God will help us in the suffering, I’ve suffering a lot for him since I got diagnosed with Proteus Syndrome. [Next panel] I’m going to get my leg amputated, but God will help me out in this pain that I endure and live for him.

Panels 7-12: The pastor returns home, writing on his blog.

Pastor [writing]: I thank God for helping me out in the suffering, I’m still enduring the pain. [Next panel] I know in Heaven, I’ll be given a new body. [Next panel] Give me the grace to endure trials in life. [Next panel] In Heaven, I’ll have peace, on earth I endure suffering. [Next panel] I’m looking forward to continue doing good work. [Next panel] Amen.

Panels 13-16: The pastor delivers Bibles to people on a wheelchair.

Panels 17-20: The pastor gets a new leg after his got amputated but still lives with the pain, so he reads his Bible.

After the storm

Panels 1-6: The monk stops the storm, it gradually stops raining as they keep on sailing.

Panels 7-12: They land on the earth, giving Bibles to the people there and then they eat food.

Panels 13-18: They feed the cats and dogs with scraps, just as they plant seeds and build a church.

Panels 19-24: Then they enter the church.

Monk1: Give thanks to the Lord he’s delivered us from trouble. [Next panel] Whenever you suffer, you come closer to God and he’ll deliver you from suffering. [Next panel] He’ll save you in times of suffering and pain, he comes to you every moment. [Next panel] Even as he takes away something, he still blesses us. [Next panel] Give thanks to the Lord we got out of a bad situation. [Next panel] He has come to stop evil and he’ll come again.

Foot typing

His toes type on the keyboard, writing ‘all things are possible with God’ then he goes on playing video games with his toes, scoring when he wins and then proceeds to knitting with his toes again.

Then he goes walking about, in search of a towel and then he uses it to wipe his hair with, then he goes about driving with his feet looking left or right as he makes his way home. Later on, he reads the Bible with his feet, then cracks eggs as well.


Panels 1-6: As soon as he reads the Bible, it gets taken away from him by somebody.

Marc: Hey give it back to me. [Gets the book from him.]

Man: No, Marc, you don’t get the book. [Gets it back from him.]

Panels 7-12: He reads his remaining books, then he prays.

Marc: Please get me out of a bad situation, amen.

[Then he escapes the place.]

Panels 13-16: He’s in another house, free to read the Bible and pray.

Marc: Lord, thanks for this day, amen.


Panels 1-6: She arrives at her grandma’s house with her luggage, then she reads a Bible to pass the time.

Panels 7-12: She eats with her grandma, eating what’s there on the table and chewing on it.

Panels 13-18: She encounters somebody outside.

Julia: Is that you Bobby? You’ve gotten skinnier.

Bobby: I’ve got AIDS, will you look after me?

Julia: Yeah sure, I’ll look after you.

Bobby: But you have to give up on animals and other things, they’re not good for you.

Julia: If you say so, then I’ll try.

Bobby: You need to, Julie.

Panels 19-24: She takes Bobby to the bathroom and then gives him water to drink as he gulps on it.

Panels 25-28: She does the same thing when married to him, looking after him as always.

Panels 29-32: She looks up on porn by accident, then she goes upstairs seeing that her husband’s dead.

Panels 33-38: Her cousin visits her.

Julia: Hi there Cousin Mary.

Mary: Hey there Cousin Julia. Do you want to go with me?

Julia: Yeah sure, I’ll go with you.

Then they go together and shop for fabric.

Panels 39-42: She sleeps in her house.


Panels 1-7: The man’s praying.

Patrick: Lord, cancel the death….[Cries and panicks] God has abandoned me! God has abandoned me.

[A monk comes to him]

Patrick: I feel like God abandoned me, Brother John

Brother John: He’s sovereign over things, he’s immutable and he has power over things. If he allowed her to die, that’s in his hands.

Patrick: I get it, but I worry he’ll abandon me.

Brother John: He’ll be by your side.

Panels 8-14: He’s tending to his dying wife, giving her water to drink and then tells her a story.

Patrick: There’s this girl who lost her dog.

Ellen: And then.

Patrick: She tried looking for it [Next panel] She tried finding it, searching through markets. [Next panel] Then she found it in her father’s house hunting mice in the house.

Ellen: I know a cat that hunts mice in my cousin’s house. [Laughing in the next panel] But I don’t like cats and dogs.

Panels 15-18: He looks at porn by accident then somebody tells him.

Voice: Your wife’s dying.

Patrick: I feel guilty about it.

Panels 19-22: His wife gets buried, he mourns her and then gives her flowers.

Panels 23-26: She’s frolicking around in heaven, playing with snakes.

Trial in life

Panels 1-7: The man worries a lot, a friend comforts him.

Fred: I can’t help but worry a lot, I feel like God has abandoned me.

John: He’s the same person yesterday, today and tomorrow, he doesn’t change and there’s no darkness in him.

Fred [crying]: I still feel like I’ve been abandoned.

John: It could be a trial to test your faith, but he’ll come to you in hard times.

Fred: That’s right, he’ll come to me in hard times.

John: You’ve learnt it, Fred.

Fred: Thanks John.

8-11: As Fred tends to his dying wife, giving her water to drink he accidentally reads porn and his wife dies.

12-14: Fred prays, he kneels down on the floor and he does it.

Fred: God, send my cousin to look after me when my wife dies amen.

Panels 15-18: His cousin Ed comes to him, comforting him when he cries.

Fred: Cousin Ed, I lost my wife today.

Ed: Cousin Fred, she’s in a better place in Heaven.

Fred: God said that she’s in Heaven, the night before she died.

Ed: He knows what’s right for her.

Panels 19-22: They go shopping for food to eat, then they bring home and eat.

Panels 23-26: They bring home flowers on her grave, in Heaven she’s reading her books a lot over there.


Panels 1-7: The monk’s reading his Bible, then his cat licks his arm and the dog licks his feet.

Panels 8-14: He delivers Bibles to people and then they read it.

Monk: Here’s a Bible for each of you to read. [Giving each of them Bibles]

Father: Thanks.

Panels 15-18: The family are reading their Bibles.