Being sympathetic to or sympathetically interested in Jews and Judaism, I did exhibit an interest in it before in 2017 and 2020 respectively. When it comes to Christians loving Jews, or at least sympathetic to them there’s also the aspect of knowing more about the history of God’s chosen people as well as feelings of not wanting to be assimilated into the larger culture’s understandable.

But my interest in Judaism more or less intersects with my curiosity in the Bible and faith, I also have this dilemma whether if Jews do go to heaven or not. Maybe some of them do, but there are Jews with a close personal relationship with God (as with some Muslims to be fair) as well as those who’re sympathetic to Christianity.

I’m still of the belief that Jews can go to Heaven, though usually if they’re religious but that would be me feeling curious and bad about whether if some Jews really do go to heaven or not. All I can say’s that I’m increasingly sympathetic to Jewish beliefs, as part of my faith in God.

Suffering in a family

When it came to the Biblical character of Job, he lost a lot of his possessions, health and family members/relatives that he got angry at God at some point and bear in mind, he’s the best known sufferer but not the only one to suffer. Jesus suffered for our sins when he died, King David made a mistake and lost his wife’s child.

It’s like if you lost your husband to cancer and child to AIDS, bear in mind Job has been there through the suffering of the loss of his children and wealth. Job lost his children, wealth and possessions that for all his prior successes, they didn’t last long and he endured it.

Imagine if God has the power to make you endure the loss of a child and husband that it’s like what Job went through, that you know you will confront a lot of suffering in your marriage to Paul. He knows your sorrows, that he’s in charge of everything.

God can make you go through the loss of a child and husband, that it’s in his power to handle things for you.

Been blocked

My family blocked me from using Facebook, even though I wasn’t trolling everyone there. In fact, I even wrote prayers for their salvation, but that didn’t register into their heads and I’m very hurt by this, especially when this was done against my consent.

This got blocked on my computer, but I can’t help but feel very hurt by this. I didn’t do anything bad to them this time, but they thought that I was misbehaving and telling things in public. Even to this day, I’m very hurt and angered by this event, I didn’t do anything wrong but they still did this.


Lately my sister and Nana told me to be more careful with cooking, for there’ll be smoke and there was the time when my brother turned off the tank for me after cooking. Sometimes I do it myself, but alas I should’ve been more careful about this.

Nonetheless, I did check out something by turning on and off the tank after I cooked for safety. It’s not easy cooking stuff, especially when they risk getting burnt and destroyed that I know this from experience but most especially my Nana and sister, who both cook well.

I had a dream

I had a dream where a woman turned into a cheetah, got injured by another cheetah and that’s all I can remember to put it kindly and shortly. There were other dreams that I forgot, those I remember like the face of a man (which I woke up and eventually fell asleep in school).

As well as dreams relating to Spongebob one way or another, but those are dreams that I don’t remember much.


My sister told me to stop hoarding books, she knows I feel sad about losing them but she thinks that I’m hoarding books and data. I actually feel hurt by this, I tried to prove to her by reading books but I still feel hurt by this.

I really want another book or copy to compensate for what’s been lost, she understands this but she wants me to quit hoarding books and I did try not to buy more books whenever I’m out with her buying at the supermarket and mall.

But I still feel hurt by this, even if my father said that he and my mother (jokingly) hoarded books before.