When it comes to playing cards, well playing cards of any kind and stripe, they sometimes have a contentious relationship with the Church. Not just that they’re sometimes used for fortune telling, but also because playing them for games takes away worship time. I’m not saying they’re evil, there’s even a version of tarot cards that are used for playing card games. Well, I do recall the opposition to Yugioh cards before in school where a teacher denounced them as demonic. And to be fair, tarot or another the well’s already poisoned when it comes to images of the devil and use for gambling.

If there are tarot cards that are just used for mundane card games, then there are regular playing cards used for fortune telling. So it doesn’t have to be tarot to be used for fortune telling, if this painting‘s any indication. Again, I don’t think playing card games and card games themselves are necessarily bad, well at least some of them are to be avoided. It’s like a tool, any tool because they could be used for good and bad. Same with other things like the Internet, computers, books, scissors and the like. It’s not the thing itself that’s bad, it’s how you use it that determines the intent.

Whatever you do with card games, don’t let them take away your time with God.

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