The Wolf and The Kid

When Mother Goat was going out, she had to say something to her daughter.


Maggie, please look after the house while I go out.


Okay Mum, I will. [She looks the door for her.]

The wolf sneaks past the mother goat and then begins knocking on the door.


Knock, knock I want to enter.

The kid didn’t respond so he had to find another way by opening the window, then she notices him.


Boy! Why did you want to come here?


I’m goat.

Maggy [losing her cool]:

You’re no goat, show me your hands.

He shows it to her but she pushes him away and securely locks the window as the wolf leaves.

Mother Goat comes back and brings her something.


You did a good job at guarding the house, Maggy.


Mum, the wolf wanted to go inside and thinks he’s goat but he’s not so I got him out.


Good one, I’ll give something.

Then both goats ate the flowers and happily ever after.

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