The first coconut

The house has a garden with several trees around, varying from flowering trees to fruit trees as the family were watering the plants and then the girl approached her father.

Girl [looking at him]:

Father, please give me a coconut fruit.

The father was horrified, looking at the orchard where there’s no coconut.


Sir, I want a coconut please.

Then the two went out, looking for one but the more they looked the more they realised there’s nothing in here.


Aw shucks, there’s no coconut for me.


Maybe tomorrow, we will.

The next day, both the father and the girl planted seeds, the girl tried to find another seed in the other corner but she got more of the same thing and then she turned to her mother, looking for something.


Mum, I really want a coconut.


Sorry, we don’t have coconuts so content yourself with a guava.

Girl [stomping]:

Awww…no I don’t want no stinking guava.

Mother [pointing her finger at her]:

Then you be content with what’s there in the house!

The girl gets a guava, half pissed and upon eating it she began spitting out the seeds but she also started getting hairy, then the next day the father and mother try to look for her in every room. Going through the library, bedroom, kitchen and dinning room in her room there lies a coconut.


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