Developing in Ways Unanticipated

I said before that even if fictional characters don’t necessarily age in real time, they still develop in ways the original author or the author still working on those don’t necessarily except nor anticipate. Something like arguably how Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures has a character called Josuke Higashikawa who’s quick to anger when mocked in Diamond is Unbreakable but by the time he was reintroduced in Jojolion he’s significantly calmer (as far as I recall).

Some of the changes might be intentional but arguably from a certain perspective characterse and stories will still develop in ways not anticipated nor intended at some point, something like Poison Ivy being intended to be a villain but subsequent stories make her significantly more sympathetic and a close friend of Harley Quinn (who also became more sympathetically portrayed).

That’s always possible even if these are things writers do not intend to but happen inevitably whether if they have new interests, new perspectives or sympathies.

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