They’re this stereotypical

Though not always the case for other anime producers, Hayao Miyazaki felt as if some contemporary animators don’t observe from life enough to make more rounded stories and characters. Or that’s what I’m remembering. Somebody else had a point about comics in the essay ‘Education of a Cartoonist’ where they think some cartoonists really don’t read anything else and why their stories are so repetitive.

If that essay’s points were to be applied to anime, it would be the same thing really. Again not always the case but it does explain the rehashed characters, plot points and storylines. But the problem with taking such a big risk’s that it alienates fans who want more of the same thing as they expected and remembered.

It would be just as shocking if a familiar mangaka started doing Bible stories and stuff about saints. Even if it’s something truly new and different. But this involves being so out of the blue that it’s comforting to stick to stereotypes even if some anime do defy or deconstruct those.

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