It effects you

I’m not inclined to say anime or any other media’s necessarily this sinister but it does effect the way you perceive things. Something like the blonde tsundere cliche. It’s as if you watch a lot of anime with belligerent, angry blonde girls, rich blonde girls or blonde female delinquents it becomes something of a self-fulfilling prophecy that you come to expect and create female characters like that.

(I even said that the existence of Japanese people with albinism ironically turns some anime cliches on its head when you think about it.)

Maybe with any other anime cliche really. But there’s likely a big disconnect between anime and Japan in reality, sometimes in ways you don’t expect. It’s as if you watch anime, you expect Japan to be a lot like this. (To put it this way, you watch a lot of media portraying Swedish women as nymphets even if ironically not all Swedish women are sex-mad.) That’s the same thing.

What you consume can sometimes influence you a lot. Sometimes if you watch a lot of anime featuring blonde tsunderes, you become attracted to them and expect them to be like that. Some anime producers likely know this and try to deconstruct it. But it’s common enough to effect how people would expect characters like that.

And why the media we consume still has a big say.

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