It does effect you

Like I said before, anime does effect people so it’s practically no different from any other medium in their regard. But that might take an epiphany to know this. It’s as if you like watching anime with blonde tsunderes, delinquents and rich girls that it becomes something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or any other stereotype.

That’s not to say angry blonde women don’t exist but it’s complicated by many other factors like having bad experiences with people or whatever that is. There are certainly anime producers who do poke fun at the stereotype. But that’s still proving how common this is that it’s bound to colour any future creator/consumer’s expectations of such characters.

Watching anime can colour one’s expectations of Japan (though it can be applied to any other country). This would be like watching media that depict Dutch (or any other nationality) people in stereotypical manners even though in reality for all the physical and historical differences they’re still normal people like me and you.

Though that would take a reordering of ideas and exposure to better sources to undo these.

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