The Country Gentleman, Volume 25 (Google Books)

To My MoTHER IN HEAVEN.”—A lady residing in the Rue de Rivoli, Paris, returned some time since from a visit she had made in the department of Finisterre, bringing with her a young orphan girl, poor, but very pretty, named Yvonne S–, whom she engaged as her waiting maid. Last month, a short time after her return to Paris, she died. When the body had been prepared for the coffin, and was for a short time left alone, Yvonne was seen to go stealthily into the room, lift up the shroud, and then hastily leave. The first idea was that she had taken a ring which, at the express desire of the deceased, had been left on her finger. On examination, however, the ring was discovered to be untouched, but a paper was seen attached with a pin to the shroud. On inspection it was found to be a letter addressed by the young orphan to her mother, who died two years ago, as follows: “My good Mother.-I have to tell you that M. B.-has made me an offer of marriage. As you are no longer here, I beg you to make known to me in a dream whether I ought to marry him, and to give me your consent. I avail myself, in order to write to you, of the opportunity of my mistress, who is going to heaven.” The letter was addressed “To my Mother in Heaven.” The person alluded to in the letter is one of the tradesmen of the deceased lady, who, having been struck with the good conduct of the young girl, had made her an offer of marriage.

The ladies of Paris, not content with dying their hair red, now dye their lapdogs to match the color of their dresses. Green dogs, yellow dogs, and sky-blue pugs are all the rage. Wealthy parties have sets of lapdogs of all colors. A purple lapdog would be an addition to a fine landscape


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