The British Superhero

It’s one thing to create a superhero who’s British, it’s another to create a superhero comic from scratch using existing characters as made in Britain. Which is practically what 2000AD did with the Vigilant after having bought the rights to the characters and stories they appear in. The only recognisably superhero character’s the Leopard from Lime Street (who’s inspired by Spider-Man).

The rest seem to come from entirely different stories altogether. That’s not to say British people can’t do superheroes. But as with any nationality, their take on superheroes is pretty different as to be lost on outsiders. It’s like the difference between Toei Spider-Man and Penni Parker. The latter’s very much an outsider’s idea of what a Japanese Spider-Man would be like.

The former’s actually done by Japanese staff and one that seems to have more in common with Power Rangers in that regard (that and fighting actual monsters). That’s probably going to be the difference between The Vigilant and almost any American take on a British superhero.

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