A scolding God

I kind of said that he’s an angry character but it’s something people have a hard time accepting as it is (actually it’s like with relationships where sometimes if you can’t always change somebody, either let them change themselves on their own or let them be). This is practically why some Christians are so dishonest about wanting a personal relationship with God that if he gets angry, they should understand and accept the fact.

Same thing if you point out that he’s demanding, scolding and vindictive, even if it says so in the Bible Christians don’t seem to accept it at times. Actually God makes more sense as everybody’s cranky manager in that he tells his employees what to do, whether if they want it or not at times. To put it this way, Stephanie Brown keeps scolding and spiting Tim Drake for being lazy.

Tim refuses and she loses her temper. Same with God really that it seems it makes more sense to say God’s our manager. He’s the one who barks orders but it seems Christians can’t accept that either.

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