Yup, he’s that grumpy

I still think Christians tend to underestimate how irritable God gets that it seems they have a a hard time realising or accepting it. To put it this, the character Stephanie Brown’s said to be easily angered/offended. Imagine if she constantly got mad whenever Tim Drake namecalls her, kills her pets and even flirts with another girl that you get an idea of how angry God gets.

In fact he can be spiteful, even going so far to cause misfortune. Imagine if Stephanie Brown became a blood-spewing Red Lantern from being bullied a lot by Tim Drake that you now know how angry God gets. Or to put it this way, Kitty Pryde’s also infamous for losing her temper real badly that she even beat up a guy.

Rao help if she’s caught dead beating up her teammates for screwing up that’s exactly how irritable God gets. But sadly most Christians don’t feel comfortable about it even if it’s there in the Bible.

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