The problem

I suspect the real obstacle to Christians realising that God has a short temper and can even be harsh and brutal is that either they’re afraid of him (undestandable) or that this kind of emotional vulnerability feels so ungodly. You can be angry without being a jerk. But it seems some Christians don’t get this at all.

To put it this way, nurses’ anger has been noted in studies as the result of bullying and the lack of support they get at work. Let’s face it, what they do is tough. Trying to save somebody’s life. Even having to deal with the patient’s sickness and the like is not easy work at all.

It seems the angry God of the Bible doesn’t prefigure much in Christians’ minds even if it happens anyways that they should really take it seriously. Not so much to condescend to outsiders but because you could find examples of it in medicine and healthcare.

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