Not so attractive

I sometimes get the impression that it seems somewhat easy to romanticise Sweden. I’m not necessarily calling for demonisation but it’s somewhat easy to overrate Swedes and stereotype the country as the land of hot people. (Though that would be up to European standards most of the time.) Oddly enough, if I’m not mistaken the average Swedish hair colour’s rattfargat.

It practically and essentially means a mousy blond colour (according to a study, somebody with natural light brown hair would still be genetically blond). There’s a negative sentiment to this kind of blond colour (though it’s not even unique to Sweden) that some do dye their hair. I’m not surprised that I know one Swedish woman who colours her hair a lot in bright colours.

If I’m not mistaken, there are reports of Swedish and Danish men going after Thai women that either it seems most Swedish women aren’t what they should be in the popular imagination (I’ve seen dumpy ones). Or that given it’s not uncommon for white men to go after Southeast women that Nordic men are practically no different.

(There are reports about Western women going after Balinese gigolos with this one documentary about a Swedish woman being into those men that Swedish women are practically no different either.)

Like I said, I’ve seen pictures of pretty dumpy looking Swedish women and with some Swedish men having the same yellow fever as their non-Swedish counterparts elsewhere that Swedes are ultimately no different from you and me. If that involves being too close to home at times.

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