No hopes of an afterlife reunion

I still think what I said about musicians going to either heaven or hell still has bearing. If many people go to hell, logically whatever fans’ hopes of an afterlife reunion might not go as they expected. The Beatles had members who were not only blasphemous but also indulged in alternative religions for too long that unless if they’ve changed (most notably Ringo Starr), then John and George aren’t doing well in the afterlife.

Maybe people would have to settle for a heavenly supergroup instead. Others might luck out and turn out good. My advice’s that they will luck out and do something nice in the future like helping the poor. But then again for those who do bother to do what’s right, there are those who keep screwing up that they’re not going to make it anyways. Either that or we’re never going to get an afterlife supergroup consisting of Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury anyways.

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