Is it cultural appropriation?

It’s debatable whether if The Clash participated in cultural appropriation or not but you could say similar things about Blondie and David Bowie to varying degrees with regards to ‘black’ music. They were certainly influenced by soul and the like but I sometimes think black rock musicians and black guitarists are oftentimes overlooked. Maybe not entirely overlooked.

But it seems the only well-known black rockers are Slash from Guns and Roses, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Skunk Anansie and well that’s pretty much what I could name. Death might be one of the earlier all-black punk bands but they’re not that well-known. It’s not that The Clash necessarily did cultural appropriation but with Death being an all black punk band, the latter feels like the real thing.

Maybe cultural appropriation’s not the best word to describe this but rather racism in the form of ignoring those bands until recently and even they still seem like a footnote even when they shouldn’t be.

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