Something they found in

I still think that writer has a point about wrestler outfits. Actually it can also be said about whatever athletes wear. Though this depends on the given sport to whatever extent. It’s like the difference between a certain American football team where the women until recently wore rather impractical outfits considering they get into close contact.

Sprinters are excused as it doesn’t involve close contact at all. Wrestlers do have some protection, be it limb guards or masks (if they want to). I suspect if we were to draw those characters for inspiration, we get a good idea of what such a character would wear and what they would be in reality.

Besides there are female wrestlers who do wear tights (including fishnets) that Black Canary’s outfit might not be much of a stretch. There are even wrestlers who do dress up as superheroes (Flash, Carol Danvers among those I’ve seen) that wrestlers give the best idea of what such outfits would be like.

If not them, then dancers and probably even gymnasts. They also wear tight outfits. The more radical ones are probably footballers/soccer players, tennis players and the like. I suspect if Barry Allen’s caught dead dressing up like a footballer, that would be too radical.

Even if it does make sense running in shorts and special shoes rather than a catsuit and boots. But then again what’s practical in sports fashion may differ from what others expect to so.

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