He’s a mad, mad God

I still think God acts more like nurses who’re tired of being mistreated and not supported by colleagues as well as being bullied by colleagues, family and patients a like that it makes sense why he’d be that quick to anger. To put it this way, what if Caitlin Snow’s caught dead killing people in wolf form but gets attacked by Wonder Woman and Black Canary for it? What if Tim Drake gets beaten by Stephanie Brown a lot for killing her pets?

That’s God’s anger in action and he’s sure to confiscate or attack people. He’s a vindictive character that people ought not to screw with at times (if they have panic attacks, that’s pitiful so). God is not a calm character. In fact he’d be the least likely to be put up with people’s antics at times that he’s going to lose his cool anyways. So it’s one of those situations where people really need to take it seriously.

Whether in the context of nursing or sports coaching, it makes sense this way.

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