Something for the family, after anime

I suspect if anime were to come to an end, if confirmed by a mangaka, I have a feeling anime and manga’s own demise might be a blessing in disguise. However for non-Japanese Asian countries and even African countries who all have their very own comics industries (comics do get published in Africa and I’ve seen some of them), they could all flourish in anime’s absence. As in more space to replace what’s left.

That’s not to say there aren’t any adult comics of these. But I suspect given government restrictions in some countries that they might constitute the majority of child and family friendly media. Actually it’s already happening to some extent today. If you look hard enough, Uganda’s even got the Katoto cartoons and even has a comic featuring a character resembling Samurai X’s Sanosuke Shigara.

Likewise Cote d’Ivoire’s got Aya de Yopougon which even got adapted for animation. (Same with South Africa’s Supa Strikas.) Kenya’s got Tinga Tinga Tales. Then you’ve got India which claims the likes of Motu Patlu (also adapted from comics) and this other production on Ganesha. Most of these are fairly clean family-oriented productions.

To stick to Asia-Pacific, the Philippines does have several comic strips going for it like Pugad Baboy, Kikomachine and Love Nuts. There’s also Trese and Darna, which the latter got several live action adaptations. There’s also Malayasia’s Upin and Ipin, which I’ve seen some on telly. Though not all of them are child friendly, they’re mostly notable enough to warrant mention.

Who knows as I think Africa and most of Asia are catching up real quickly. Though anime’s demise might actually be a good thing as it allows other countries in fill in a big gap.

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