The coming of age for post-anime

I still think considering anime’s possible demise (if an anime professional were to say this), I have a feeling whatever problems it has and with some anime professionals escaping it I’d say the biggest problem’s that a lot of anime wouldn’t age well. Especially for the biggest reason that is anime professionals doing other things. Admittedly, by Sturgeon’s Laws almost anything else will age badly for the same reason.

That is a big circumstance will upend this. It’s like if anime fans did turn to prose fiction after anime’s demise, that would similarly turn their perception of anime upside down. In that if anime’s perceived maturity (as distinguished from non-anime animation)’s now turned on its head once we get to things like Dune, Island of Dr Moreau and the like. Even if childish prose literature does exist, in this case it’s the next best thing.

Or at least one of the more viable alternatives. (Some of it’s wishful thinking but if anime were to die, Dune might emerge as an unexpected alternative and perhaps one of the most potent.)

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