The American replacement

I still think out of all the animation industries in the globe, America might be best equipped to replace Japan however as the top adult animation hub with India and China being the more kid friendly version. That’s already been years in the making considering there were adult-oriented direct to video productions such as Dante’s Inferno and any one of DC’s productions. Add online media to it, you get a solid future for American animation.

If it sounds strange, you might as well add in Spawn, Adult Swim and The Maxx for good measure. That still proves the point but it does open doors. Not only are Gremlins and the like getting animated adaptations, but that makes one wonder whether if a cartoon version of At The Mountains of Madness might even be feasible. Actually that’s been done before.

Disney and anime are no strangers to adapting prose stories. Warner Bros’s already that experienced in it, endlessly mining DC Comics for inspiration. Not to mention fan-made productions that in the wake of anime’s demise, American animation would be best equipped to make let’s say a Naruto out of Starship Troopers.

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