Anime’s loss–America’s gain?

I have a feeling American animation and Western animation in general might ironically benefit a lot from anime’s demise in the sense of effectively taking over its niche. Actually they’re on their way if you bring up Rick and Morty and almost any DC animation. Or any online animation.

That makes the most sense that given anime’s demise, animation studios will do anything to fill in the gap. I even said that prose fiction might also be a doable alternative. In fact, it’s likely Western studios will do anything to buy the rights to any prose novel and turn it into an animated production.

When it comes to adapting such works, might the likes of Starship Troopers be the next anime? A much odder one’s that without manga/Japanese comics, all the other Asian and even African comics (I’ve seen some) might fill in this big gap but with the Western comics being firmly for adults and edgy teenagers.

That’s already being attempted with Aya de Youpougon getting an animated adaptation, so did Supa Strikas and Katoto’s one such Ugandan production. Actually the Philippines’s very own Trese also got an animated adaptation. It seems highly likely that in anime’s absence, any other country will dedicate to its animation industry a lot more.

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