Oh You Desperate Little Things

It’s not necessarily to like the likes of David Bowie and Queen…however in theory. There’s even a bloke who sounds a lot like Freddie Mercury. As for David Bowie, very early in his career he was desperate to break out in the music industry whether in bands or in his disowned first solo album featuring the Laughing Gnome of all things. Eventually some time later on, he turned to the occult.

This is where he gradually broke through. Whilst his very first album’s fairly decent and wholesome enough to be spiritually/religiously neutral, Hunky Dory features songs that explicitly reference the occult or Aleister Crowley. Especially Quicksand where he sings of being immersed in Crowley’s outfit and even dressed up similarly to him.

If I’m not mistaken, the essay ‘Laughing Gnostic’ suggests that he intended the Ziggy Stardust persona as if he’s a conduit for supernatural beings. In another interview, whilst being Ziggy Stardust, he also said that he professes to believing in life. Who knows what that is but keep in mind he was getting more hedonistic.

Come 1975 and after, he gets openly involved in the occult and cocaine that he grew paranoid about women threatening to steal something from him. He did quiet down in later years, trying to look for faith whilst ironically and arguably screwing up like what seems like blasphemy (to some people). It’s not known if he regretted it or not.

But the fact that he also dabbled in tarot cards and appeared with rather blasphemous items makes one wonder if he wasn’t just this desperate for fame but also oddly Faustinian about him. Alice Cooper and Brian Welch did something similar but eventually changed for the better. If better, they became Christians.

It’s not that David Bowie’s this bad, at least in theory. But he came off as being so desperate for him that he sold his soul to the world and got famous but with a price to put it politely.

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