No longer loving the alien

Like I said, it’s not necessarily wrong to love David Bowie or any other musician in theory and to some extent in practise. But the odd fact that it’s not uncommon for a good number of musicians to be either professed atheists, pagans or occultists (or carelessly reference the Devil) is even often reported in secular media. There are musicians who do spiritually clean up their act.

A popstar could become a Bible scholar and deaconess. That’s one example. I’d say a good number of music is neutral enough to be a blank slate of sorts. But there are musicians who do openly wear apostasy and blasphemy on their sleeves that to any practising Christian they are to be avoided like those with explicit content.

I even posted a blacklist of celebrities confirmed to be in hell which outnumbered those in heaven. Even if you narrow it down to some musicians only it would still prove it right. Of those confirmed to be in hell include David Bowie, Selena Quintanilla, Celia Cruz, Michael Jackson, Joey Ramone and this frontman of Alice in Chains.

The only musician that I can think of who might be in heaven is Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, if because he chose to be baptised and cleaned up his act. But then again that’s still proving the whole point of this essay. No matter how charismatic you are, it’ll never spare you from hell or your own personal hell. Unless if you clean up your act and the like.

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