Bohemian Threnody

I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to like certain musicians/bands…in theory and to some extent in practise. Queen itself isn’t necessarily bad also in theory and this proves my point when a certain somebody who sounds uncannily like Freddie Mercury also performed some of those songs. He’s a fine enough man.

But for Freddie Mercury proper, let’s say he’s not much of a role model (to some people). Or any other musician who aren’t wise enough or something. (Alice Cooper might be decent though.) He’s a fine enough fellow in his own right. But the odd fact that he also died from AIDS (from having sex with a lot of people, even if not all gays/bisexual men are this promiscuous) makes me think he’s a cautionary story.

Whatever your sexuality, you can manage to be celibate. Perhaps the real issue’s that Mercury was as wreckless as he’s regretful at some point.

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