Villains in heaven

Like I said about Zatanna being in hell’s that even if she’s a likable, nice superheroine in hell but if she does things that go against the Bible and the like she’s going to hell anyways. No amount of charisma would spare her from going there, be it a supernatural hell or a self-imposed one. You could be the most grandiose, confident character and still suffer from terrible anger issues.

Again that’s still proving my point that charisma’s not enough to spare people from either going to hell or their own vices. This leads to the logical counterpart: is it possible to go to Heaven without being this likable? Look no further than Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious murderer who did accept God and cleaned up his act before he died. If one were to do something similar to let’s say Copperhead, that’s proving the point right.

You could be the least charismatic person on the block but if you do right you’re able to spare yourself from going to hell or your own hell. God’s not above using odd characters. A male model could become a theologian. Donald Trump has his own vices but he’s the president. He’s not even above using a killer to punish John Lennon for blasphemy.

He’s even doing better than him now. If Copperhead does go to Heaven, he’s been given second chances and likelier he even cleaned up his act before the fact so there’s that.

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