The use of accessibility

If I’m not mistaken, there was a time when people did publish official Christian Archie Comics. I think that’s a generous way of reaching out people through things they like and are familiar with. I suppose if you were to tell stories of superheroes in hell, it would be more convincing than if it were a nobody.

If because it’s so close to them that it’s frightening. It’s like how somebody said that Selena Quintanilla is in hell for some of the stuff she did. She’s a likable enough character to warrant a following but alas no amount of charisma will spare her from hell, mystical or personal. Even some celebrities may recognise this.

You could be the most grandiose and charismatic character but still have serious anger problems when nobody’s looking. You be cheery and confident on the outside but still indulge in bad behaviours, your own personal hell. Well that’s something some Christians are aware of.

If Zatanna goes to hell, even if she’s a heroine in life if she hasn’t received God and cleaned up her act she won’t escape hell whatever that means.

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