She’s in hell

It’s not necessarily wrong to like let’s say David Bowie or Selena Quintanilla, if you like them then power to you. But if you believe the likes of Angelica Zambrano Mora and Dante Alighieri, no amount of charisma would spare a celebrity from hell unless if they change or whatever that means. Assuming if the superheroine Zatana went to hell, it would have the same effect.

She’s a character people like a lot enough to warrant her own magazine and appearances in other magazines. But if Barry Allen were to see her in hell, it’s going to be reminiscent of those visions. I also think Dante Alighieri would’ve been in the same league as Zambrano today. Especially when it comes to having visions of beloved ones in hell.

(He could even be Pentecostal.)

If writers had the guts to depict beloved superheroes in hell, it would be similar to those visions and just as damning.

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