They are dogs

As to why some languages call dingoes wild dogs, don’t blame them if their point of reference seems as limiting as conflating red with yellow at some point or another. It’s like from going to websites in certain languages that seemingly their word for dingo is ‘wild dog’. To make matters worse, dingo came from a word that’s more or less equivalent to ‘Fido’ (owned dog) as the word for stray/feral dog would be warrigal.

(If I’m not mistaken, the Nufi word for wolf and jackal’s derived from the word for dog, which again could indicate that point of reference.)

It’s like if somebody considers dingoes separate from dogs (even if the former also get owned by seemingly negligent Aboriginal individuals) but the fact that they’re interfertile and dogs are perfectly capable of killing prey on their own, it might indicate a curious bifurcation of what’s practically the same thing. In Japan, they used to call wolves ‘mountain dogs’.

Makes me think in reality, either the line between dingoes, wolves and dogs are actually a lot blurrier or perhaps even if somebody considers dogs wolves they might still be separate in their minds even if sometimes those behaviours and ecologies can overlap. Entre chien et loup in French even if it’s used to mean the witching hour. (As if dogs and wolves are indistinguishable in the dark.)

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