The Ohio Journal of Commerce, Volume 4

Sex Knowledge – Page 70 › books

Norah Helena March – 1922 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
When a childless woman directs her motherhood interests to an infatuated care of cats, lap-dogs, and canaries, she is much more to be pitied than to be blamed, for her peculiarity is the result of unsatisfied desires, probably unconscious ones, …
Animal heroes of the great war – Page xxxviii › books

Ernest Harold Baynes, ‎Owen Wister – 1925 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
It is more commonly to be seen in women than in men. It is not always, though it is for the most part, the childless woman in … With them in the railway compartment was a lady with a little daughter and two pet lap-dogs. On learning that in …
Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine of Books – Page 1 › books

1958 – ‎Snippet view
The heroine is a childless woman whose deepest love is for the boy, who is not her own. The scene is a little Alpine village. … John Steinbeck, for instance, sheds light on the origin of the lap dog. He claims to have discovered in one of the first …

The Ohio Journal of Commerce, Volume 4

Old Fashioned Mothers Needed By Rev. George R. Stewart of Cleveland, Tenn.

women and lap dogs do not make a country; it takes fathers and mothers and children.

You can. with immense advantage to the country, load up about 5000 of these giddy, godless, childless women and ship them out of the country and bring in an equal number of good old-fashioned mothers. ‘

This country needs obedience to authority. Anarchy is not born in Chicago’s Haymarket square, but in the slums. If a boy does not obey his father or mother it is incipient anarchy. I do not blame the sixteen-year-old girls for the way they dress. There is not a girl of that age who knows enough to dress as she ought. That is the reason she needs a mother.

I asked a successful dog trainer how he did his work and he replied, I take the dogs when they are pups and then I get

September 16, 1911 173 THE OHIO JOURNAL OF COMMERCE

complete control over them and keep them doing the same – things over and over again until it becomes nature.

This is the secret of bringing up children. God gives them to us when they are absolutely helpless in our hands and He expects us to train them until goodness becomes a second nature. The man who said he raised his boys on prayers and hickory had the secret. Never lie to your children. It is lying parents who most quickly break down their children’s integrity.

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