The cliches comes falling

I still think part of the real reason why some interracial relationships don’t go as expected isn’t just due to peer disapproval but also having far too high expectations. It’s like expecting black men to be horny and well-endowed but then again some black men don’t like or refuse sex. Just as some black men might even have small penises. (I’m not surprised by a Kenyatalk poster proclaiming that he has a small penis which should be a logically damning posssibility in this context.)

I’m not any better in some regards before. But keep in mind not all black men neccessarily fulfill stereotypes, not even entirely so. I actually know some black men who don’t like thugs, practise celibacy and are even misogynistic to both black and white women. Alternately speaking, some white women are domineering and/or regard blacks in such a stereotypical manner that their relationships deteriorate. There’s even a study on some gay men where if their ethnic lovers fit cliches, they get disposed right away.

As if they’re not seen as people. (I actually think the possibility of some black men having small penises and black men refusing men should enable others to see them as people.) Like I said, there are some black people who don’t like thugs but white people who continue to see all blacks as thugs (or whatever daft stereotype) is partly why some interracial relationships deteriorate. If you keep seeing somebody as a stereotype, it makes it harder to see them as actual people. Even if it’s positive, it’s not true for everybody.

Not even 100%. You could be black, athletic but not that well-endowed and you’re this disinterested in sex. Some black men are unathletic and others aren’t that into sports in general. Though again that would mean they’re people whether if you’re attracted or not.

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