Picky, picky

Like I said, some black men don’t even like thugs and practise celibacy. In fact, it’s not uncommon for black men to be just as sexually picky as their white counterparts are. There are some black men who don’t want to date women who’re too attached to their dogs (or any other pet). There are also some black men who don’t like tattooed women, single mothers, feminists and promiscuous women.

Some don’t like fat women. Likewise there are blacks who bash both white men and women just as there are some white women who’re racist to black men in the expected, stereotypical sense of the word. (This is partly why some interracial relationships fail.) Not all black men are like this and some black men do in fact marry and date black women. Whatever women for non-stereotypical reasons.

Not all black men in interracial relationships are like this. But keep in mind not all black men are necessarily that sexually available, especially if they’re sexually picky and even celibate.

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