Shady as shady goes

Like I said, the more seemingly perfect that thing is, the more ironically imperfect it turns out to be and something I personally know well. I guess when it comes to this version of shadiness, it’s as if the perfection’s just a facade to hide the darker repressed aspects. Maybe not always dark but the repression still explains the shadiness.

It’s like what if that seemingly perfect dog turns out to be a capable predator and it’s even noted by many and eventually confirmed. Or anything else really, hard for me to say. But it seems this type of shadiness involves the facade of near-perfection or at least likability to the point where what if they’re not what they seem to be.

Sometimes not always in a bad way but still nowhere as good or bad as others make it out to be.

Teutonic Shadiness

Though not always the case, it’s more of an odd coincidence (in my opinion) that countries like Britain, Germany and much of Scandinavia have an air of shadiness that more or less cultivates dark subcultures like punk, Goth and heavy metal. If they’re held up on a pedestal, there’ll inevitably be people (both outsiders and insiders) who feel as if there’s something dubious about those countries (that insiders live in).

It’s like how Sweden’s often held to be a good beacon of gender equality but not too many conservatives like it. Even some native Swedes can’t it either. When compounded with a heavy metal subculture, there’s going to be some natives feeling as if this country’s kind of fishy enough to want to focus on the dark side. Same with Goth and punk in Britain and Germany. Not that Romance countries are any less (or more) shady either.

But it’s more to do with being held up so high that what if it’s going to fall down any time sooner. I do harbour my own suspicions about these countries myself, being into their dark sides at some point or another. But I’m not alone since some conseratives also feel the same way too to some extent. The takeaway’s the more seemingly perfect that thing is, the more ironically imperfect it turns out to be.

Shady Germans

Like I said, I think the real reason why Germany and to some extent Austria have large Goth scenes is that whilst not unique to them but when it comes to a bad history linked to the rise of fascistic nationalism as well as prostitution and also things most foreigners ignore then Germany and Austria are going to be shady enough to nurture a substantial Goth subculture.

Especially when compounded with the loss of communism in Eastern Germany or at least trying to find an alternative to otherwise repressive governments that the Goth subculture’s one of the first things they turn to. (If I’m not mistaken, German culture also seems more frank about negative feelings as confirmed in one study.)

When you think about it, Germany’s not really all that sunny and bright. It’s like pointing out how and why stray dogs are also a bane to German hunters and why dog poisoning’s a big deal in Germany. (Or anything else in other countries really.) It runs counter to foreign/non-German reports and texts about Germany’s that it seems Germany and Austria do have an air of shadiness bubbling underneath.

Not necessarily always outrightly Gothic (whatever that means) but more like an air of darkness most non-Germans don’t always recognise even if it seeps in anyway.

Waging war on humans

Rao help if Caitlin goes wolf out of spite and making her dogs attack people from being distressed by abuse. It’s not that Caitlin will necessarily go evil but with the Flash being Red Riding Hood, it’s going to be inevitable. Red Riding Hood as a character can either survive on their own (often by conning their victimisers in order to escape), die or get rescued by somebody else depending on the story.

As Barry can run fast, he might as well pick the first and most practical option in his situation. If Caitlin’s out to attack him with her dogs and appearing as a wolf to wage war on humans, Barry’s going to be her first and foremost victim. She’ll try to kill him and every Flash she sees. Like she’s a mad wolf out on the prowl for prey. She wolfs on heat.

She might go wolf and attack Barry, whether if fans want it or not.

Lycophobia Strikes Again

Like I said before, this isn’t always the case but it seems whatever fears people have of wolves (and dogs)’s due to bad experiences (though the same can be said of anything else really). If a wolf’s caught dead killing sheep, that’s inevitably going to be a cause for concern. If a dog did the same to let’s say roe deer, it’s already an issue among European hunters.

Not to mention if Red Riding Hood’s any indication, you have wild and feral animals (including dogs) familiarising themselves with humans and finding ways to manipulate/exploit them (that’s even the case in some studies and reports). It’s not a stretch if Caitlin turned out to be an evil werewolf finding ways to manipulate people into sympathising with her.

Only to kill or eat them after she earned their trust, like a child groomer. Her victim would be any Flash, which makes it a properly modernised Red Riding Hood if because it’s so obvious and familiar as to be instinctual. Especially when it comes to a repressed distrust of wolves and other predatory animals.

Be damned

I suspect if somebody were to recreat the Divine Comedy using DC characters with Barry as Dante, Iris as Beatrice and Jay as Virgil (consequently Caitlin’s the evil she-wolf as she’ll become one on the Flash) as well as putting Zatanna and Dr Fate in hell, it’s going to be really damning. Especially in a Christian context where even heroic characters like Zatanna go to hell for reasons people neither expect nor realise. Alternately speaking, the more innocuous seeming the character is the more damning their capacity for evil gets.

It’s like if Caitlin Snow were to show up as a werewolf, whilst the warning signs were there it’s all the more damning had she turned into a werewolf killing every speedster she sees wiht Barry being her Red Riding Hood. (The fact that some fans vilify Iris would be all the more damning if Caitlin delighted in torturing her closest colleagues with her dogs and became one herself to better torment and beguile her victims.) Not to mention canids aren’t always that trusted in the Bible.

To the point where Caitlin becoming an evil werewolf seems way too spot-on, given she might prey on more innocent characters by appearing sweet. (Like child grooming.) I guess some people might not like it even if they eventually realise it themselves. It would be just as ironic to see Copperhead in Heaven, though it can be said he’s been redeemed. Even if it happens anyways. Rao help if Vlad Tepes is happy in heaven whilst Princess Diana suffers below.

Then we get to homophobia. Some religions tend to be homophobic so if Pied Piper lands in hell, it’s unsurprising to tthem (some people had similar dreams of queers in hell so). Also if Barry’s Dante, logically Darryl Frye’s his Brunetto Latini as he was his mentor/foster father of sorts. But he also ended up in the hell for queers, almost as if he could be leading a double life. Given the shock over established characters coming out as gay, if Darryl’s in hell and turns out to be gay, it’s all the more horrifying.

Especially if he never came out early on to the point where his own sex life’s practically a blank slate. Be damned if he’s in hell for being bisexual just like Latini before him. And why fans will inevitably take issue with it should it happen at all.

Zatanna in hell

I sometimes still think to get an idea that even good people can go to Hell, somebody should write stories where characters like Zatanna, Doctor Fate and Darryl Frye going there after death. Even if they are heroic characters or at least sympathetic, they are still theologically suspect in one way or another. Given the Bible’s low opinion of magic, it shouldn’t be surprising to see Zatanna and Doctor Fate going to hell.

Another’s that these are characters some people are personally/sentimentally attached to. If shown in hell, it would be really horrifying because these are very near and dear to them. As if hell’s made all the more horrifying if familiar heroic faces land there whilst a villain like Copperhead goes to heaven. (You’d feel the same way I did around Mother Teresa and Jeffrey Dahmer.) It’ll be harder to realise at first.

But one that hits the hardest when that happens.

At least they’re not twins

The thing is, as I said before Cassandra Sandsmark shouldn’t be mistaken for Stephanie Brown or Barry Allen for Wally West when off-duty. What would happen if Cassandra’s fashion sense’s based off of brands like Lanvin and Dior whilst Stephanie dresses like Siouxsie Sioux (who had bleached blond hair before, so do her colleagues), Cinamon Hadley (a natural blonde) and Anja Huwe (closer to the mark)? When compounded with Cassandra having a more prognathic face and Steph with really thin lips, at least they won’t be mistaken for each other anymore.

Likewise there’s some effort in differentiating Barry from Wally but I still think it should go deeper than fashion preferences. The fact that Barry Allen was shown with red hair suggests that they really shouldn’t be mistaken for each other at all. Imagine if Barry Allen has prominent cheekbones and a hooked nose whilst Wally has a fuller face and smaller nose. At least they won’t be mistaken for each other this way. But that involves putting a lot more effort in differentiating them.

Far more than what canon already does though some cartoonists do bother to differentiate characters in time.

How do you tell them apart?

The physical differences between Barry Allen and Wally West are only immediately noticeable when off-duty. But when on-duty if/when their outfits are so similar looking, there ought to be differences. Much more differences than say Wally’s got his hair exposed. It’s like what would happen if Barry Allen has a hook nose and Wally West’s got a smaller nose. That’s even enough to differentiate the two, especially if they have cowled catsuits.

If you put the unmasked hook-nosed Barry Allen with the straight-nosed Oliver Queen, at least you won’t be confused anymore. Same thing if Stephanie Brown has really thin lips and dresses in Gothic clothing when off-duty whilst Cassandra Sandsmark has fuller lips and prefers florals when doing the same. That’s putting a lot more effort than what’s normally done though others do bother to change for the better.

Same face strikes

Like I said before, when it comes to possibly similar looking characters you should put more effort in differentiating the two though others already do bother. It’s like what would happen if Stephanie Brown has thin lips and dresses in Goth clothing when off-duty whilst Cassandra Sandsmark has fuller lips and dresses in florals when doing the same. That’s already putting a lot more effort in their characterisations, since they shouldn’t be mistaken for each other.

Even moreso when off-duty. So if Stephanie Brown’s a thin-lipped Goth and Cassandra Sandsmark’s a thick lipped girly girl, at least they won’t be mistaken for each other. Same with giving Barry Allen a hook nose and Oliver Queen a straight nose (or Wally West a smaller nose). That involves putting a lot more effort in telling them apart, far more than current comics depictions already do. But that also involves actually getting into the characters.

In the sense of putting a lot more effort in telling them apart, not just physically but also behaviourally though some are already doing it so.