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I think I said before that there are probably romance novelists who base their heroes off of Duran Duran and Hanson, both rather androgynous bands with dedicated cult followings (Hanson even moreso as it became underground quicker and longer than Duran Duran because its members created their own record label). I’m even beginning to think that even if some romance novelists likely wanted to, there’s also editorial interference that they have no other choice but to compromise and give into it.

I actually know of one novelist who based some of her characters off of Duran Duran and another with Hanson. Or possibly, despite having similarly large female fanbases there might not be much of an overlap between Hanson fans and romance novelists if because I think the former are really nerdy (from my experience). As stereotypical as it sounds, not that there aren’t any nerds into romance stories.

But that it’s likely as Hanson’s got a cult following, some fans might have tastes that diverge significantly from the expected romance hero standard. Again not always true since not all Hanson fans are necessarily horny whatever their gender. Same with some Duran fans. This isn’t true for all but I’m saying’s that it’s very likely that some Hanson and Duran fans have tastes differing from the romance mold. Partly why whatever character’s based on each member would’ve been altered significantly.

That’s to better meet demands. It’s like how this Marvel superheroine Dazzler was going to be black as she’s based on Grace Jones but eventually became white upon publication. That’s probably true for a lot of romance novel drafts where likely those same heroes weren’t always the expected stereotype but changed eventually. There are likely some romance novels that cling closely to their authors’ initial visions.

But they’re in the minority. I won’t be surprised if there might be drafts where some of those romance heroes were more clearly based on Hanson and Duran Duran members.

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