Farewell to anime

I still think rather than the US comics industry, it’s anime that’s going to die and when I mean by that Rao help if many other mangaka say the same thing to the point of damning anime fans worldwide. I mean it’s one thing to say US comics are going politically correct, it’s another to assume that sexualising young girls is anime’s own undoing. A mangaka might say this whether if anime fans like it or not.

Ironically, it’s even suspected by some anime fans too. Especially when it comes to sexualised minors (both teenagers and actual children). I even think that’s what ironically attracts sexist men to it, whether if they’re aware of it or not. When you think about it, the average female anime character’s a teenaged girl and why characters like Sazae-san are massive anomalies in this context.

Conversely speaking, characters like Black Canary and Wonder Woman are actual adult women and could/should get away with what they’re wearing. By contrast, this makes characters like Sailor Moon (or if you will, Asuka and Rey) real jailbait characters in terms of character design. All three of them are technically middle-schoolers but wear really sexualised outfits. (Not that US comics are any better but they’re increasingly shying away from it.)

It’s not that adult women don’t exist in anime but rather it’s hard to find truly non-stereotypical female anime characters at all. Also, when you think about it increasingly a lot of female anime characters don’t have boyfriends but because those authors don’t want them to lose their virginity to somebody else who isn’t the nerd surrogate. Not that US comics and the like are any better. But it does feel really sick.

I’m not saying they should all be promiscuous or something. But that if they have their own boyfriends/husbands who don’t resemble the current audience in any way, it’s going to be disappointing. One thing about Evangelion’s that the director’s colleague demanded a heroine to be pregnant but with the implication that she may’ve been impregnated by somebody else. Whilst this wasn’t the case before, this is especially so now.

That and the trampy stockings thing.

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