Teutonic Shadiness

Though not always the case, it’s more of an odd coincidence (in my opinion) that countries like Britain, Germany and much of Scandinavia have an air of shadiness that more or less cultivates dark subcultures like punk, Goth and heavy metal. If they’re held up on a pedestal, there’ll inevitably be people (both outsiders and insiders) who feel as if there’s something dubious about those countries (that insiders live in).

It’s like how Sweden’s often held to be a good beacon of gender equality but not too many conservatives like it. Even some native Swedes can’t it either. When compounded with a heavy metal subculture, there’s going to be some natives feeling as if this country’s kind of fishy enough to want to focus on the dark side. Same with Goth and punk in Britain and Germany. Not that Romance countries are any less (or more) shady either.

But it’s more to do with being held up so high that what if it’s going to fall down any time sooner. I do harbour my own suspicions about these countries myself, being into their dark sides at some point or another. But I’m not alone since some conseratives also feel the same way too to some extent. The takeaway’s the more seemingly perfect that thing is, the more ironically imperfect it turns out to be.

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