Can’t be around for him

I still think if Stephanie Brown were to become a working mum or similar, she’s definitely not going to be Tim’s sidekick for long. That’s if she’s called to look after her younger relatives, either she won’t have time for him or she’d nag him around to help her for this time. It’s not that Steph’s becoming unrecognisable or Mary Sue. But by then, she won’t remain a sidekick for long now that she’s a working mum.

She might even be the more assertive/demanding of the two. Especially when it comes to how much work’s put into looking after actual human beings (since they can be hard to deal with) and being expected to be kind and calm around them can be exhausting. Emotional labour as they say. Steph’s kind and compassionate but also tired and lashes out at Tim for not helping her around.

If she’s a working mum, that would mean she’d actually be the more mature/accomplished of the two that’s if she’s doing those things at a young age. There’s an even younger Chinese girl who has to run the household and raise her younger brother since her parents are gone or something. Not that Tim would stop infantilising her (this happened to me).

But when compounded with Black Canary being his biological aunt and that Tim makes sexist remarks to females, it’s as if Tim’s a misogynistic control freak who feels like he has to condescend to Steph even if she might be more accomplished than him. I guess for controlling men, it does feel more macho to patronise vulnerable women.

But for all their flaws, if they’re shown to bother getting better at something like forcing themselves to focus on things they’re not good at then that’s patronising as to be infantilising. With Steph being a working mum, that her complicates matters as she’s now the more independent and assertive of the two.

She can’t always attend to him and when she does, she nags and yells at him for being lazy. Seems emasculating to some but I still think when it comes to women it’s like a two-way street you either infantilise them and incapitate their ability/potential to be independent (even when it’s necessary) or you get intimidated by more accomplished women and insult them. Not always the case but it still feels like it.

That and a genuinely accomplished and flawed female character’s too much for some. Too good at making her own equipment and having a job as well as managing her family a lot, far too bossy and independent to be infantilised any more. Which’s what would happen if Steph not only creates her own gym equipment but also became a working mum.

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