The right enough one

This is something I learnt in real life that might also be applied to romantic relationships is that sometimes the right person’s sometimes right enough. They may not always be a ten (though some do change and mature and even bother taking on new challenges). But at least they fulfill like close to 80 % of your desires and requirements.

It’s like dating interracially but realising some black men aren’t into your pets a lot. You still keep on finding the right one and you’re stuck with the right enough one instead. Many (Southern) Nigerians aren’t that big into cats. It’s not that their Cameroonian counterparts necessarily like them more. But they’re willing to tolerate them since it’s not uncommon for them to own cats.

Even if they make cats hunt mice. Well to be honest, a Cameroonian veterinarian-farmer who makes his cats hunt mice is the right enough partner for a cat-owning white woman wanting to date black. He’s not physically a ten, might even have a small penis but is so used to cats that he’ll do anything to help her along anyways.

The right partner even needn’t to be entirely perfect but adequate enough to fulfill your requirements and sometimes you have to search hard enough for them, sometimes unexpectedly so.

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