Sadly, she can’t always be there for Tim

I still think if Stephanie Brown were to become a working mother (or at least a working student constantly caring for her nieces a lot), nags at Tim for being lazy/unhelpful and outdoes Tim in creating her own gym equipment, weightlifting and football/soccer this is the most independent and assertive she’s ever been. But too strong for some sexist writers and fans to handle.

Not to mention the odd fact that it’s not fun seeing Steph demand Tim to buy her diapers for her child/nieces. If Iris West’s any indication, it’s not fun seeing Steph constant berate Tim for screwing up in some way or another. But with Steph being a working mum or similar, this makes her way too independent and assertive to remain a sidekick for long.

If she started out as a sidekick, having her constantly care for her biological family and nag at Tim for screwing up would mean that her sidekick days are over. Besides it’s already rare for superheroes to constantly care for their younger biological relatives so much so that they’re either written out, aged up or secede that responsibility to somebody else.

Never mind that Jotaro Kujo bothers mentoring/caring for his younger relatives (even if he sometimes fails, same for his grandpa) and Donald babysits his nephews. The fact that we could’ve gotten stories where Steph teaches her relatives how to play soccer and Tigra tutoring her son how to hunt and fish suggest that these are all wasted opportunities in light of the fact that they’re mothers.

It seems it’s not fun seeing superheroes actually having to look after their younger relatives a lot, even when it’s possible (The Incredibles, anyone). We could’ve gotten stories where they bother mentoring and tutoring their younger relatives a lot. But that’s not fun to see even when it’s possible.


It would basically prove somebody else’s point about Felicity Smoak right in that it’s not fun seeing her whine whilst being really good at hacking and her family a lot.

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