This is provocative

I admit being guilty of giving into forms of racism before and I could’ve been no different but then again I have to realise that turning Caitlin Snow into a werewolf to be more drastic than making Iris West black. I mean it’s going to let out the Red Riding Hood comparisons and it’s so blatant that it can’t be ignored in any way. Caitlin’s going to attack Barry and Barry’s going to run away from her when it happens.

Not to mention it does deconstruct stereotypes about black and white people. It’s like if black people were so dehumanised as to be made into animals, it would be all the more horrifying if it’s the white woman that turns into a wolf and allies herself with wolves but her black counterpart remains human and tied to humanity. That deconstructs itself.

(Actually to be fair, whilst not all African Americans hate animals not too many of them are that into them either, at least from personal experience.)

It would also be alarming if Caitlin Snow’s the only one in the Flash who turns out to be the real villain and may even be out to actually kill Barry when posing as Iris. That also turns fan assumptions on their heads but to the point where they have to accept the possibility that Caitlin might be evil when losing her humanity.

One thought on “This is provocative

  1. I don’t always agree with you. But, I love your honesty. And, I will take honesty over false agreements anyday. Keep posting.


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