The Literary American, Volume 2 (Google Books)

The Love of a Lady,

We have, in this world of ours, pets of innumerable kinds—living things, that seem created only to be looked at and listened to, —pet poodles, pet parroquets, pet canaries, #. love birds, and pet ladies. The Lady Rondoletia is a charmer, whose smile is full of witchery. Is she not quite as admirable as a love bird, or a Charles’s spaniel ! She assents to everything that everybody o and reiterates, “Bless me!” and “Dear me!” and, “Well, I never,” as melodiously as the goldfinch sends his notes upon the odorous air. She never thinks— no more does the pet poodle. She listens wonderingly and silently to every speaker— so do the love birds. She disclaims all privilege of thinking for herself, and professes to be no judge. She is, in fact, better than a picture—for she is alive. She seems to be aware of nothing but that she has a pretty face, indicated by the studied arrangement of her curls and dress. She can sing a little and play a little, and is sometimes great at crotchet. She can paint butterflies, and read a French novel—has written verses in an album, and been commended for them a little—and Lionel Semibreve has promised to set them to music, but has not done it. Is not Lady Rondoletia, then, a pet—a darling Is she not an individual worthy to be regarded with as much admiration, and treated with as much care, as a piece of Dresden china Is she not a love of a lady ?

Beauties and the Beasts,

A writer in the “London Lancet,” says that carnivorous animals invariably prefer men as food, to women.

The above paragraph has been going the rounds of the press for some time accompanied with various comments.

Some editors commend the gallantry of wild beasts, in always preferring to devour the ruder sex, while they spare the gentle daughter of Eve. Others find in this fact an illustration of the lines of the poet:

“’Tis said that a lion will turn and flee
From a maid in the pride of her purity,”

and consider that this tendency of the brute
creation, applies only to unmarried females
—being a kind of seal of approbation set
by nature on virginity. Others, old bache-
lors chiefly, insist that the preference given
by carnivorous animals to male flesh, is
simply another proof of the superiority of
men—a superiority, we may remark, in
passing, which, if true, the gentler sex will
not be inclined to envy them; these also
contend, with that great philosophical
whirligig, Brownson, that men are more
sensitive than women, and accordingly that
it is fair to infer that their flesh is tenderer.
Others, and these are principally henpecked
husbands, secretly insinuate that it is ow-
ing to the tremendous screaming generally
set up by a lady when in danger, while
men think it cowardly and undignified to
make any noise; while beasts resemble the
human species in the respect that they like
to take their meals in peace. Others con-

If the world affords any perfect felicity, it is in a middle estate, equally distant from enury and from excess—it is in a calm }. a secure tranquillity, a thankful enjoyment of ourselves and all that is ours.

Fashion makes foolish parents, invalids of children, and servants of all.

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