Old Maids’ Dogs

To be fair, there are still men ranting about women who get too obsessed with their dogs (and people who get too obsessed with their dogs in general) though I highly suspect that this was much more common before. When I mean by that, even if sentimental dog ownership did exist before it wasn’t so consistent or universal or consistently universal back then. It’s like before where if you got a dog, it ought to be useful.

As in it had to to hunt, herd and guard, which’s still the case elsewhere to whatever degree. (Coincidentally, hunting and herding were those few occasions where people did walk their dogs in the past and dog walking for pleasure used to be an old maid thing.) The very dogs despised for their uselessness were often lapdogs but also poodles, terriers and curs. The former were often owned by old maids and the sentiment still recurs among some African Americans (some white people too) and Russians, Chinese and Taiwanese when it comes to stray dog feeders.

Such people are known as zoodefenders in Russia and dog mothers in Sinophone media. (Though not all black people dislike cats and dogs, among some African Americans if the dog’s there it’s there for practical reasons, some AAs make a big deal out of being cleanly and some AAs resent that whites prioritise dogs over them.)

It’s not necessarily wrong to own dogs but that the idea of them as sentimental companions first and foremost en masse emerged more recently if it weren’t for religious beliefs and preference for utilitarianism.

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