National Stockman and Farmer, Volume 9 (Google Books)

Chillicothe, O,

A Caution to Girls.-I have not written much of late, but I have been an interested reader of this department. I feel thankful for Mrs. Throp’s letters and am glad she has time and a will to write. Mrs. Throp is above stopping to fight every little poodle that barks at her. I am of the same opinion as Aunt Jane, about gossi If there is any class of persons I despise it is that class. If one cannot say any good of another, keep silent. I do not worry over not having a chance to vote, but I do worry over not having laws made to put down the saloon business. In the South they license gambling; in the North they license men to sell rum and brandy, which is the worst of the two evils. One takes your money, the other takes your life. I would rather my girls would be old maids than drunkards’ wives, Old maids are honored, but the drunkard is abominable in the sight of God and man. Some say “I am glad I have no boys these times,” and rest on their oars. If there was nothing to do to save other people’s boys, as Rev. Sam Jones says, they will be caught in their sons in law. So you had better work while the day lasts, for none of us have any time to spare. Girls, shun all young men who drink, gamble or horse race. All these three go together. I have no sympathy for any one who will marry such men. think it is very much out of place for a wife to com: plain about her husband, in the Household or anywhere else. As you make your bed so you must lie. Look before you o:

Trumbull co, Ohio,

7he Woisy Brother.—Thanks to “Lotella” for her advice in regard to my plants. They are doing nicely now. , Will she please tell me when is the best time to start slips for winter bloomers. Can anyone tell me how to care for young canary birds, I have two females and should like to raise some young ones but don’t know how. I tried “Aunt Fatty’s” recipe for lemon pies and found them delicious. Susan, if brother’s nicely cleaned rocm, on wbict, you spent an hour to make it pleasant and attractive, is in less than half that time covered with nails, hammers, boards and such things as boys delight in, don’t scold him; let him pound, and hammer, and whistle, and sing, and make all the noise he wants to. By and by he will be able to make brackets, frames for your flowers, and he will do a thousand and one little things that girls are always wanting done. If he is clier and has reached the age of manhood, study his tastes, have his room arrayed the way he likes it, his books where he can find them, brush his clothes, fix his ties, and do for him the many little things that you can do so much neater and quicker than he can and what ever you do for him do it in a way that will show him it is a real pleasure for you to do it for him. Keep yourself always as meat as circumstances will allow, always be pleasant and sweet tempered, and you will not lack a brothel’s love, MINNEHAHA.

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