The new anime

I still think that if anime were to die, China and India might overtake Japan as the leading non-Western animation hubs. The fact that even Nigeria bothers to emphasise its own animation industry suggests that replacement may be possible now that anime’s on the decline. Not to mention even some anime professionals also think anime may be done in a few years, the next one might think sexualising minors might lead to its own undoing.

That’s even unsurprising that a good number of anime fans and anime professionals alike were involved in either possessing child porn or molested minors themselves. (This would make the oversexualisation of teen characters in anime all too damning and revealing.) I also think America might surpass Japan as the leading hub for adult animation. This is already a thing with not just Horseman Bojack and Rick and Morty but also Castlevania (itself adapted from Japanese games) and Primal.

There’s even an abundance of it online. If China and India are fit to replace Japan as the leading non-Western animation hubs, then America’s fit to replace Japan as the leading adult animation hub. Though not always the case, given China’s censorship guidelines America would be better-equipped to encourage more production and consumption of adult animation.

This is very possible given it’s already happening to a big extent. Enough to be too prescient.

2 thoughts on “The new anime

  1. Separating the markets is smart. The pervy connotations of anime’s noticeable underbelly and the dulling of the distinguishing factors of the style are the biggest weakness of this ailing industry. Weight this in with a more competitive global market and the gods of animations will be mortal in the artistic market.


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