Need for bodily diversity

I actually get why some black men have issues with the way white photographs portray blacks at all and it’s not just sexualised but also weirdly repetitive and stereotypical. It’s like if you observe the many black subjects in the works of Robert Mapplethorpe, David Gregham and Dianora Niccolini they’re almost always muscular, sometimes not making eye contact and either expressionless or flirtatious.

There’s nary any room for laughing, crying or screaming black men like those you see in Ajamu X’s and Rotimi Fani Kayode’s works and the like. No room for cross-dressers either. Fat and skinny black men are nearly nonexistent. Comes to think of it, being exposed to fat and skinny black men does help break the repetition. Not to mention a better argument for humanising black men by allowing them to be out of shape.

As is making them emotional, cross-dress or whatever.

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