She’s the mean one

I actually half swear that if Iris West is any indication, should Stephanie Brown start nagging at Tim for not helping her with household chores and taking care of her baby now that she’s a working mother (if not them, then her nieces and even her parents and sister) fans won’t like it. They’re not used to Steph barking orders, spiting Tim whenever he screws up big time and worse, both of them getting into fights.

Iris West was technically mostly like that in the earlier Flash stories, she was often exasperated whenever Barry came late (I actually think Barry Allen’s a closet Italian if we go by stereotypes and that it’s not uncommon for those of Italian descent to author his adventures). This could’ve lessened eventually but it gives a good idea of what would happen if Steph were to do the same, only this time it’s Tim who shirks familial duties.

Practically more of the same problem except that either Iris was like that from the start or the odd fact that if allowed, that would be deconstructing how sexist the Robin stories are in hindsight.

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