The near-lack of cyncism

It’s not that Christians are entirely lacking in cynicism but that when you neglect intellectualism (or at least intellectual curiosity) for adolescent ego-satiation (though that may not always be a bad thing) that it makes it harder for Christians to be aware of the topics the Bible may’ve been talking about. At other times, I actually think it’s Christians who should care more about dog predation if because they know the Bible seemingly doesn’t have that high of an opinion on dogs (though at other times, it may often be ambivalent).

Most secular people don’t know any better but when secular people end up doing the heavy-lifting, though it could be viewed as validation it’s also sometimes a failure to have any real curiosity into the possibilities others don’t consider much. Besides dog predation was already recorded as early as the 20th century and possibly even earlier. But it seems to be ignored. As is the lack of awareness of prostitution even though one Dutch Christian group’s aware of it.

But it seems the lack of awareness of seemingly secular topics makes me think Christians have abandoned age-old cynicism for never-ending ecstasy even if that provides insight into vice and the like.

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