Juvenilisation and the lack of reverence

It’s not that Christians have stopped being cynical (or compassionate for another matter) but rather the need for self-fulfillment has replaced the need for self-restraint and self-awareness. It’s actually an on-going juvenilisation even when secular culture becomes increasingly sensitive to ageism (which makes sense as more and more people live longer, they also get to retain their jobs more even if that may’ve been the case before especially in hunter-gatherer and ancient societies where they’re beloved for their wisdom).

The lack of reverence or at least awareness for the past has made it harder for Christians to stop having a self-centred faith. In the sense that rather than being taught to study about Christian history more extensively (which includes the Catholic parts), there’s a stronger sense of wanting their needs and wants fulfilled. That too isn’t a bad thing but this has to be tempered by a stronger awareness of not only social vices but also history as to give insight. Not to mention there’s also a tendency to expect God to do a lot of emotional labour.

But when he does get tired, it seems Christians fail to realise that he can get angry or stressed out. There’s again a lack of regard for the past that makes for a rather abysmal present and future. It seems wisdom and reverence for tradition gets replaced by immature narcissism and why this is a problem.

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